IP night Kuangxiang 800030 days to raise the tide

back the music.

some time ago I shared our hospital website from Shanghai to punish love and artificial right down, traffic overnight fell from 8000 to 700 events, also summarize and cause mad website IP reduced, specific articles address I attached below are interested to see if we can, I will today to talk about how I let IP return to normal operation and adjustment by more than 30 days! We hope to be able to help

through the implementation of the five strategies above, we began to flow the slow recovery from 740 to 810, to 900, to 100, after a month of suffering, most of us are basically the site that never came back, but we did not give up, according to the above strategy to down, then the results we already know, in June 5th, the miracle appeared, when the morning I opened the cnzz input 8 digit password, can not help but heart welled up a impulse, perhaps this is telepathy, my hunch is that the IP have a big change, indeed, in the following IP impressively show 4670 of the four digits, back! Really back, really.


crap, I directly said measures:

two, titile

, stop updating

four, adjust the chain strategy to reduce the widening slowly increased

five, increase the intensity of the original article

past our chain do too narrow, mainly focus on the classification of information and blog, this is the chain is very obvious cheating, love Shanghai easily analysis out, so we have to start the chain, the first stop for a week, and then from the quality and quantity of both broad and start again.

we buy from the Internet the basic format of PDF professional residence, with the orc software got down, and compiled into the format of the article, this is 100% of the original, a day out of 10, always adhere to the present, from the point of view of love Shanghai’s response, he is very love.

before we link all multi column page and home page, the initial effect is really very good, but there are tens of thousands of internal links in each post column, you say Shanghai doesn’t K you K you, this is cheating obviously, the key link to the list page, you’re not playing user and love Shanghai? So we modify a large number in the chain, let the relationship stronger! Avoid some of the contents of the related links to

part of the title and content does not conform to the re modified keyword has been adjusted, make it more relevant, tell I love Shanghai to get started.

! to re modify the columns

three, the chain increased correlation and terminal page link

after IP Kuangxiang, a large area of the site updates stopped, only some large part of the increase every day, make the heating machine first cooling.

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