Let us ride the wind and waves Shanghai ranks.

We have to buy

according to my personal view, I introduce the following methods:


1, the chain of the domain name, you can go to a net above to Amoy, there are a lot of good domain name like this, do not understand the children’s shoes can go crazy online to see above tutorial. This tutorial will give you the most intuitive knowledge, to much faster than reading. After all, people say is the essence view.

4, how to exchange

3, the construction site outside the chain, there are two kinds of, first, we go to the B2B platform registered by Links shops, shops to their website the chain, but also can release information shops, to bring their own chain of pure text; second: by Admin5 with the Chinaz platform to their own websites and soft; of course how to release the soft, I will not say, you can go to their official website to view the tutorial.


imperceptibly in the 4 year of dragon optimization of industry in Shanghai, the following summary of these years I intend to own some experience do not worth mentioning, together with everyone to share. Over the years, Shanghai Longfeng optimization created a large number of God figure, they are successful now, do Shanghai dragon training, do Shanghai dragon executives, also have to do their own B2B platform, and so on, but as those of us living in the grass root of Shanghai Longfeng lowest level, how to face the Shanghai Longfeng environment at present, and the future road should decide on what path to follow?

I believe most of Shanghai dragon Er told me the same, are working for others, do things every day, don’t finish the trouble, now love Shanghai to Shanghai dragon industry pressure, but also how, we must persevere, let us do love Shanghai ride the wind and waves ranked below I just want to use the fact to explain:


2, a website update, a weekly update 4 articles (Enterprise Station), if other competitive industries, can be a little more news, the original must have 80%, do not have the same title. For our own original content, love is still very love of spiders in Shanghai, so it will often come to climb your station.

, when I search the chimney of the new words, love Shanghai home will have 3-5 station, now at the home site, at least 1 years of age, and even some old station for more than 5 years, it makes me not only began to speculate, now Shanghai dragon er new hands. How to do the new optimization, how within 3 months, the new home above

I have worked on the Before

Links, what good method? We can be managed directly to Admin5, if you are new, to find their own friends of the chain, it is too difficult, I do this, 60 dollars a month, it is very convenient.

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