Love Shanghai optimization of the increasingly narrow road in the future – the original owners decid

I believe this is not realistic, love Shanghai auction is a burn move, I do not oppose the bid, but I also believe that the coexistence of time in the future, do website optimization this emerging industry will go into a dead alley? Should not, I believe that one day, Shanghai dragon lovers can be summed up a more reasonable way, to continue to explore all of Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai optimization of the increasingly narrow road, the future owners decide on what path to follow

Think about why love Shanghai optimization increasingly narrow road:

increasingly narrow road, the future is the webmaster ran love Shanghai


for this problem, I have a very bad idea, that is in love with the sea to let more customers to participate in bidding, for the love of capital risk more companies in Shanghai, but now calm down to think about, is not entirely due to such a factor to summarize, first of all, what are the page now? The image file can be said over the network, each network company advocated independent design, the idea of a few refuse template can really put into action, you copied him, he copied you, after copying each other can only be more and more repeated, the influence of such websites seriously in some to the extent of the Internet market development, in this case, I think the lovely Shanghai K out most meaningless site.

first to introduce yourself, small gold – Henan technical personnel technology, was a crazy boy, and now, may be old! Think of something really strange, memories of years ago for some work site optimization, also cannot say is very simple. Unlike today’s confused, remember that the company (Henan Technology) the first site optimization list contact is a type of shares, at the time of the keywords competition dynamics are generally partial, but use formal, adhere to the four month period has been stable in Shanghai love home. 8 words, now that I think is a little bit of luck or when the market is indeed a piece of pure land, can reflect our older generation said cultivation and harvesting point of view, do not understand.

there is a problem worthy of our true worth to know, do not know what time from the beginning, love Shanghai news sources mentioned at the beginning of Shanghai dragon optimization >

here today is feeling vent grumbling optimization ideas now increasingly narrow, in the past, always thought that the website optimization should be a broad road, can exchange the corresponding profits according to their own time, but now we have no key open and clear, very concerned about the recent website optimization the key on the Internet, many of my friends have seen Q signature changed to "hard for several years, K returned to liberation, although it is a joke, but it can be deeply aware of the optimization of Shanghai dragon with deep hatred and resentment and helplessness.

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