The website chain is how to publish

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2, standard a tags

recently saw a lot of people in the pure text site outside the chain, the chain said the truth there is no specific effect who also said it was not clear, so I do in the chain are not going to do this risk test to do pure text outside the chain.

The After 8

before the chain blog is a very good choice, but more and more people blog has also developed many blog group software leads to the blog chain quality is greatly reduced, if you take a link in the blog search engine that would not be included in this article, compared with forum is good.

command: inurl:bbs intitle: We released

if you wrote an article about the fitness article then the article with a link to the site that Shanghai dragon is not relevant, but if a chain of keywords fitness coach you add a treadmill, then is very relevant.

we want to build a chain must know how a spider crawl on the internet. Spiders in the grab of the Internet is along the links on the web in the crawling.

5, the effective form of the chain

this is the search command keywords to find correlation forum in search of words and keywords for modifying the industry what you do.

search keywords

1, the way the Internet spiders crawl

outside the chain chain must be valid, invalid send outside the chain not only to our website without ranking function will make our website right down. Here are some of my views on the web site of the chain.

4 and the chain and keywords

chain must be sustained, stable, widely. For example, today 5 tomorrow 10 and a month later issued 100 this is not enough, the middle can stop 1-2 days but cannot stop too long. In the release process but also let the chain to be widespread, such as: today issued 5 chain 1 A5 forum, 1 why, 1 Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar 1 Wikipedia, 1 other forums so very wide.

The correlation between

why the chain to the original article? Many people see that it is very difficult to understand the original site update has been difficult to very difficult, but also outside the chain to the original article is really one disaster after another. Because the search engines do not want to grab 2 things even as like as two peas, included a search engine will also delete URL filter out duplicate content, and the chain is not included is not marked as the chain.

, the end, how to speed up the chain effect

7, how to find the relevant forum

3, the chain also to the original

6, outside the chain: sustained, stable, wide


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