The website credit on the website optimization effect

credit is a process of gradual speed stability, set up until your website good weight and credit, you can rest assured. If some small changes are allowed on the site optimization, but if too much will cause.

Website Trust has two meanings, one hand refers to the degree of trust in the visitors of the site, on the other hand refers to the search engine for website trust value (TrustRank), and the web of trust for the enterprise site is more important. The combination of my side of the case to share some of my views on this aspect.

in addition, site credit also is the weight we speak, the higher the weight more privileges enjoyed by the weight of the lower so you have something less, more vulnerable to various aspects of the extrusion. Love Shanghai algorithm is more and more perfect, may not take a very low weight site to give a very good rankings, but the website credit reflects the theme of update frequency and level of love Shanghai snapshot, there is a certain relationship with the weight of the website. So that the website credibility to a perfect effect on the website optimization.


website credit this stuff is more abstract, but it really exist. It is like your website, once the search engines, it will still give you the website is assigned a weight value, the weight value is equivalent to you is a tribal inside position. This is just like some domain names are born with weights, as is the emperor’s son. So that the website credit to a location on the website access optimization.

Hello, I am the future. Now website optimization Shanghai dragon got many friends attention, undeniable website optimization Shanghai dragon on website construction contribution, but we are busy in the website optimization, please don’t forget the site of the credit construction.

case can be seen through the above website instability will directly affect the site of the credit, and the site of the credit of the Shanghai and Shanghai love love snapshot included, so that the website credibility to a stability on the website optimization.

with a realistic example to illustrate my side under the action of credit on website optimization website. We Nanjing website construction site due before acquisition, suffered a severe blow to love Shanghai. I will collect all the original information in our website are deleted, the freedom of love Shanghai will soon restore our site. But instead, our website was completely in love with the customs into the "black house", not only love but also Shanghai snapshots have included no longer, as shown below. Because we were the site of a large collection of information in a certain period of time to delete, resulting in the website content is not stable, resulting in the site of the credit is reduced, so that our website is no longer love Shanghai trust.



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