On the Shanghai dragon black hat technology cloak by example


(贵族宝贝liushuai.me) in the Shanghai dragon blog A5 first, please indicate.

today occasionally search a keyword, find love accounted for Shanghai’s first website is to use this technique, will do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization page to the search engines, while ordinary users open, in addition to the title keyword and description, only a Taobao customer iframe. Shanghai love index grab its contents as described, but I open the page, found no such content.


said this "love Shanghai, if it is found in the search engine, the station will delete the index. But high risk, high return, there are still many webmaster opportunistic way to achieve the purpose of rapid optimization. The magic battle, there are policies, under the measures, there will always be people who can drill into the empty. But if you really want to operate a website, this one way or worse, one day in Shanghai make an adjustment, all rankings are the clouds.

open the love Shanghai snapshot, see this article out of order with keyword articles, these search engines can only crawl, while ordinary users can not see. This page is to grab the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon page, and the user can see, Taobao is just a guest iframe.

This paper by Liu Shuai

the user can see the source code.


‘s method (cloaking) belongs to the Shanghai dragon black hat tactics, the webmaster will be a web page with the two edition of different pages, a version to a search engine, a version to the user, it is extremely standard in violation of user experience. The search engines have said, the search engine is an ordinary visitors, and ordinary users should not distinguish between. If there is no search engine, you also can do this?

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