Network optimization in self transcendence beyond our competitors

1: optimize your knowledge is not profound knowledge, may 90% are aware of the network optimization technology, optimize the knowledge of your own and no core.

5: Shanghai dragon circles the true saying: "content is king, the chain for emperor" is not wrong, but if it is not metaphysics or that is your mistake.

6: want to go beyond the self, if you do not adhere to the perseverance and flexibility of application thinking it will be simply sleight of hand. Human effort is the decisive factor., ideas determine, decide the future of innovation.

2012 June and July is black for domestic sex Shanghai optimization of the webmaster, because they are different in the two months many webmaster degree of different time received the love of Shanghai punishment, many site is K included no snapshot. After the K event, the author thinks that something is really something, I think as a network optimization of Shanghai dragon Er compared with beyond our competitors, to achieve self transcendence is more important.

7: do you have a one-sided view of search engine optimization is very simple, so please ask yourself whether solid your knowledge can be.

as a network optimization, we need to be humble, because working in road we need to keep learning is to understand a lot of things. As a network optimization, we do not need the door are proficient, but we need to read widely. The author of an analogy to the author, the author has been on the programming code are not cold, since we have many Shanghai Longfeng this bowl of rice, we need to be more or less contact web programming code, you don’t need to know too much about advanced site structure or development principle, but for some basic HTML language you need to be sure.

for the last stage of the K station for the storm, we also need to learn the network optimization problem and accept and seek self breakthrough. The author’s point of view: the world has no love and hate for no reason. I suggest not to blindly follow the rapid ranking to those with no reality whatever cheats. Do SEO as we behave like step by step will certainly not be lost. Below the author how to share ten points beyond the self own feeling.

3: whether your resources can go beyond your competitors, if not timely and not looking for new resources, then you will always be behind your opponent’s heels.

2: is your optimization strategy can really meet the search engine optimization guide? If you just put the search engine as a revenue platform asked not a partner? If you just put the search engine as a tool for profit, then optimize your strategy slightly will be doomed to failure.

4: you are a self judgement not irresolute and hesitant, and often just listen to the so-called "experts", then you will never be able to break through the self.

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