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when the hardware and the software service system are all set up, it’s time to find customers. At this time the team said, now the passengers should use the money is not marketing, marketing where customers are not willing to throw money? Where to find customers? At this time, the founder of think wow, should take the cost of advertising. After listening to the employee’s suggestion and putting in the advertisement fee, the result is that the advertisement effect is not ideal. At this time, employee feedback, advertising costs too little, where the product brand is not money burned out. In this way, expanding advertising investment costs, still no reduction effect. This publicity cycle may be 2-3 months, and the customer is not ideal. 1 years later, the cost of the inputs, employees with daily wages, and did not see the inflow of customer funds.

everything has its progressive rule, advertising is no exception, a very long time ago, when commercial trade, advertising will also have, but the earliest by selling street, then the plane advertisement on the main road, is now in the TV advertising on the Internet, and no matter how the forms change, it has an aim to attract potential customers, people may not want to buy, just want to see, "see" it is your potential customers, and can attract more potential customers for advertising, it is a classic? Oh, "classic" is what you do very good very good, or you do a poor very poor, before a people subconscious recognition you want to buy a house, after the rejection of your subconscious, but because of this rejection will let you carry on the memory of forced him to remember and remember! Very deep, though it won’t be your client, but your obsessive memories of him will help you bring more customers.

so what about the right way of life for startups or how to avoid the trajectory of failure to develop?

The flow chart of

at this time, 1 years passed. Without good customer channel income, employees are lost and the team is out of hand. Employees will say, this enterprise is not saved, the founder can not. Change the company. Employees switched jobs, the founder was so partial to play dead. This is the death of a common new venture.

you can do more in name than in reality but must take sides, and cry up wine and sell vinegar is the wind scattered about, well, I do the following ad optimization on I ADO experience, summed up the 3 points.

first you have a station, you put ads, you need to know, and to know exactly where to put your ads? "On the left side of the right upper??? There? Of course it is to see your advertisement carrier specific set, what is the advertising carrier: that is relying on advertising the surface, such as you insert ads, in an article that the article is your advertisement carrier what kind of carrier has its corresponding ADO, here I only take orders, most of the web advertisement in the text, I suggest on the right hand side, why? Because you have seen anyone online with the left hand holding the mouse? This is the nearest principle, if you take ads placed slightly farther, visitors may.

startups’ failure:

in the "mass entrepreneurship, multi innovation" wave, all walks of life start-ups are mushrooming, and the general start-up company is difficult to adhere to more than 3 years. Company’s survival will have its common characteristics, such as: good customer channels, quality services, excellent product quality, personalized service, staff diligence, financial cash flow adequacy, and so on. But the different enterprise dies the law, but each has the difference, has the cash flow to break, lacks the customer, has the management to be unable to keep up and so on, but goes bankrupt the defeat. Today, Gao Feng will share with you how startups can be killed by employees,

when an enterprise starts its business, how many employees will there be? There is a core business. At this point, the most urgent problem is how to open up business and increase income. Of course, the new company will be lack of a variety of hardware or software settings should match whatever services will lack, in preparation for the lack of, not the development of the client? Often at this time, there will be members of the team, we should be equipped with what kind of hardware should be equipped with what software services, if you want to engage in hardware and how to develop software services, customer feedback to the founder? These problems when the software service system may follow again to founder of related hardware and related equipment. What about employees? Naturally, they do routine work because they have no customers. The cycle may be 1-2 months, perhaps 3 months. This period is for the preparation of no customer cycles.

, first of all as a founder, should have a mind of its own, not by >

‘s Advertising Age from television to the Internet, so how can you make the cake in the Internet advertising share? How is your website advertising to attract potential customers? Of course is to click on the matter, buy one thing, when you are not advertising and communication, then you just look attractive and


for example, this year’s holiday gifts, gifts would send melatonin "this ad you why, because you are for having heard it many times, it forced memory, this sentence was named Chinese within 10 years of the worst advertising language, but it has brought millions of melatonin for sale, why, because forced memory affects you and the people around you.


see this title in read mostly webmaster Wangzhuan, this line, often spread the word, "one station, the last to be the most advertising here." Yes, admittedly, advertising is the most profitable and most personal webmaster can keep the only way to permanent income, but how many people fell on the way to admire advertising? How many people really stand in the advertisement on the head of

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