Love consciousness in Shanghai under the new algorithm optimization analysis


search engine algorithm adjustment, more is to upgrade from the original content and the quality of the chain of two aspects, become the mainstream optimization in recent years this basically, optimization of innovation also in the future of search engines, this point will also become the mainstream is the optimization of the workers understand and put into use, so for these two points, the optimization of worker consciousness should continue to strengthen the construction of the original content, the construction of the original content should not only include the content of the original text, also includes the quality of the original content, only the original content to help users to easily search engine recognition.

the content of the website construction of the chain as key

through some technical processing to gradually improve the website function, such as the dynamic web site into a static page, further narrowing the page size so the user can open the browser can in a very short time, and do not need to wait after the website opened all the code to use, only the display, the user will be able to click on the hyperlink to open the page, which requires a certain technology to be able to achieve, of course, here the application awareness should be more into the user’s experience of construction, and not to use those hackers or black hat optimization, this will bring huge negative effects to website optimization.

technology will play a key role in

Is to let the user to obtain natural pleasant experience on the website With the continuous progress of the

search engine algorithm, intelligent optimization has deepened more and more workers feel a huge difficulty, especially the use of traditional optimization methods, accidentally let the search engine that is cheating, so before work is nothing. Now the search engine algorithm development momentum, its core is to pay more attention to the user experience, but also have more methods to evaluate the user experience of the website, so in site optimization aspects of the future, will not be able to continue to use the optimization of the traditional ideas, the author thinks that the following two optimization of a greater awareness for the optimization effect.


website user experience is an important indicator of the site function is simple and easy to use is very important, the speed at the same time the website is also critical, which often requires a certain website construction technology can achieve better. Although some webmaster love using some of the station program to complete the establishment of the station, the station program was optimized in some functions, but with the search engine algorithm may adjust, these optimization will become an important obstacle to site optimization, therefore it is necessary to perfect function, so the technology will play a very important role.

chain of the construction of the text has been an immense number of books in the area of optimization in the introduction, the key idea is that the chain of high quality and diversification, high quality of weight in the web site outside of the chain and the chain of correlation, diversification is reflected on

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