One of the basic algorithm to calculate the site level index is to see external links

different search engines, calculation method of site level index is not the same, but one of the basic algorithm is to look at your external links. The old saying goes "content is king, the chain for the emperor," if other legitimate sites for more external links to you, is to give you a friendly vote, the site level of your index is also higher. Also, the external links of site level index is higher, the weight of the vote is more important, the site level index you higher.

you may know, website ranking to rely on some of the top, improve Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very critical factor. This requires people to understand the principle of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. In fact, the search engine for every website set up Web site level index, Google called PR (PageRank), SR (SogouRank), Sogou as though love Shanghai did not open the site level index, but acknowledged that Shanghai should also love a similar level of index parameters on every site is given, or people every search recalculate each station level, it is very troublesome, so we think that this parameter is present, each search need only in accordance with the prevailing level ranking can of course be a factor in this ranking than the site level, but it is certainly a very important factor. We can call the site level index. In theory, the site level index is higher, the search engine ranking more forward. In other words, is the site level index increased, the search engine ranking is likely in front.

external links increased, the site level index you will increase, then.

so, the site to add high quality external links more, is the most effective way of improving your site level index. We like to go to a strange place, if there are many obvious signs to guide you, you can quickly find the destination. On the contrary, we will spend a lot of effort, and ultimately not be found. Those signs is actually equivalent to your site’s external links. Since the increase of high quality external links can improve the site level index, so we tried to increase the high quality of the chain. So, how are we going to increase the site’s external links? There are many ways to increase the external links, I think we can write some very high value to the users of the article, in the appropriate place to embed your own website, when users reprint your article, you embed website address will also be reproduced, so naturally, let more people know your site, it will increase the external links. In addition, you can also write some original articles on its website, to love Shanghai know to answer questions at the end of the article, link their own website, similarly, your article reprinted many links, will be a corresponding increase in the. A more direct approach is that you can go to the high visibility of the site, or your website related websites to apply Links, in the application of words earnestly, so have the opportunity to quickly get a lot of high quality links.

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